Yesterday all my answers to two questions I posted had many votes "unupvoted", including one question.

My reputation history and the two questions:

ASCII screensaver for the command-line or a TUI?
ASCII animations that are viewed in the command-line?

What I don't understand is why there are so many unupvotes, on the same sort of questions.

Usually the reason would be due to a user being deleted or a user unupvoting, but after a while you can't reverse your vote...

I'm confused. What's going on?


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You might want to read into a few posts appeared yesterday on Meta where the exact issue has been discussed over and over. Before i put the links just let me cut the story short, there has been some malicious up/down voting on the site and a script introduced yesterday on a first run corrected that and many people have lost fairly high amounts of reputation.

So here are the links so you can read for yourself.

Exchange votes or favours

I lost 3000+ rep as a reversal

The morning after

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