Dutch people are known to be always calculating....

Yesterday, two things happened to me at the same time:

  • I hit the daily quote, actually passed it, which "zeroed" the effect of a number of votes. (in total +280 or something like that)
  • A user was removed: -70

If these things happen at the same time (on the same day), actually the reputation on that day is +145 (215-70, 200 + one accepted answer). Shouldn't the additional votes count then?
That is not what happened; even including the -70, I would have been over +200, but it is +145.


Just theoretically: if the 70 points where earned on a day I also surpassed the cap, I would possibly lose the same reputation twice, which shouldn't be possible in any calculation system.

  • I guess the same person - I lost 20 and gained 2. Must have been prety active
    – Tim
    Feb 17, 2016 at 13:57

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You did get 215 points, but the 70 points were subtracted from an earlier date - when the votes were granted. That's to say, it's as if you started the day with 70 points less. See this Meta SE post. Do check out what https://askubuntu.com/reputation says about your reputation for that day.


The problem, beside Jacob Vlijm's case, which is a particular case, actually exists (thanks to muru for the link): if you lose reputation after having capped the limit due to other reasons (downvotes or bounties), the reputation loss is not balanced by the amount of reputation gained over the limit.

Here's a summary of my reputation variation two days ago (09/02).

"post" view:


  • Had some upvotes between 00:00 and 9:09, which gave me 10 reputation each;
  • Had a downvote at 9:09, which gave me -2 reputation;
  • Had some upvotes to the point of capping 200 with an upvote at 18.53, which only gave me 2 reputation ("balancing" the downvote at 9:09) (the timestamp reports 19.14 because as explained in the next point I've had two upvotes shortly after which gave me no reputation which were merged into a single entry; so the timestamp of the last one is reported);
  • Had 2 upvotes, which gave me no reputation;
  • Had a final downvote at 22:57, which gave me -2 reputation, making the daily total 198.

Doing some math, out of a total of 23 upvotes and 2 downvotes I gained a total of 198 reputation because the last vote was a downvote.

"time" view:


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