I'm new to the Meta side of Ask Ubuntu, so hopefully this isn't itself a dupe.

There are at least 3 questions which deal with adding proxy exceptions in Ubuntu. I think it'd be good to tidy them into one.

Setting up proxy to ignore all local addresses

Where to set proxy ignore list?

Proxy exceptions in 12.04 LTS

The first doesn't mention the version of Ubuntu, but does not include the no_proxy env variable

The second specifies 11.04 and the answer uses dconf-editor

The third specifies 12.04 and the best answer mentions dconf-editor and gconf-editor, but doesn't mention no_proxy

Personally, I'd add no_proxy to the last and mark the other two as dupes, but with only 108 points, I assume that's beyond me.

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Certainly Setting up proxy to ignore all local addresses is best quality wise, but the main answer uses Gconf which has been replaced by Dconf (except perhaps in 12.04...)

Where to set proxy list is more up to date as it uses Dconf instead of Gconf (though I think some Desktops do have a thing to convert gconf settings to dconf)

Proxy Exceptions in 12.04 is old as well, and I think should be flagged as a dupe of the first due to age

Anyway, they are still all relatively ancient (I think the option has been in Network Settings since 13.10~), so I think if someone (I can later...) posts a updated answer (probably on the first), including which versions it is compatible with - e.g:

For 14.04

and edit the old questions to say for example

For 12.04 and older

By the way, another thing you can do is to comment below the questions linking to the possible dupes - e.g:

enter image description here

This should direct users searching the web, and other users can flag as a dupe if they think necessary. Questions can also be merged when they are exactly the same.


The question "Setting up proxy to ignore all local addresses" has the best answers by far, but was asked in nov 2010 and this age of distribution is unsupported, I would leave this alone.

The 12.04 question has an answer indicating that a solution in the 11.10 answer fixed the issue for them on 12.04 and another saying me too, these should be comments not answers so this question has some junk answers.

Based on this evidence I would, ignore the first due too its age and flag the third question as a dupe of the second as the second question has better all round content.

Perhaps leave a comment indicating the 11.10 solution is working on 12.04 ( and maybe up)

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