differentiate between touchscreen and mouse inputs

I've the same problem with Lubuntu 15.04, and I don't think that I should make the same question again.

I don't have any problem to address questions to other stackexchange sites, I'm just wondering about the criteria.

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You should look at some of the questions we get here: Most end users don't know the difference between Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Kali, Mint, Elementary, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Windows. (And I've seen all of the aforementioned and some more...)

So: go ahead, post your question, give as an absolute minimum the lsb_release --short --codename&&uname --kernel-release, explain what you have and what you're trying to accomplish and you're good to go!



You're right, the question isn't off-topic. It was as migrated to Unix and Linux only because the OP requested it in a flag.

Usually if you ask for your question to be moved we are happy to oblige, especially if you aren't getting a satisfactory answer here.

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