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2 answers

What to do when your answer gets down voted?

What should I do when my answer is being down voted? Should I delete it? Because if I leave it, more users will just down vote it, which costs reputation. But if I delete it any (possibly limited) ...
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1 answer

Is this deletion correct?

So I just had my first ever failure here in one of those tests set up by the system to check whether you're paying attention while reviewing posts. For those who are unaware, the system sometimes ...
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Is it possible to undelete an answer which is deleted by a moderator?

I had a Q&A here which was deleted by a moderator because the source was not included. I have now added the source and edited the answer. Is it possible to undelete it now?
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Why my answer is deleted?

Could I know the reason of deleting my answer for this question I know that there exist a similar question but that appears ...
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