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A user deletes their answer and posts the same question as a new post and self answers

I am not sure whether I should write this on MSE or MAU, but here I go anyway Context: Couple of months ago, I came across a dearly interesting question related to corrupted desktop environments (...
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What's the proper process for "fixing" a Mod-or-community-deleted answer?

I've been pretty active in community-moderation/curation here for a bit, but I'm honestly still confused about one part of the process. Let's say that someone, for example, posts a link-only answer. ...
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Correct answer deleted? The answer above was deleted by a mod with the justification: The workaround is Windows only! Either this person doesn't know Wine's folder structure (drive_c)...
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Can a new-user comment and answer? Is a feedback to an answer allowed to be posted as an answer?

I have a question about my Ask Ubuntu post: How do I get the grub menu to show on a MacBook? My post was not an answer but a comment, not sure if that's the reason because has been deleted. I can't ...
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how to get a copy of a deleted answer

Apparently an answer I wrote was deleted (by others). Is there a way to retrieve a deleted answer? (I would like to keep a copy of it)
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Why was my post deleted? I see no reason at all. Can anyone explain it?
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raised flag - cooled off - now want to temper it / edit it -- what can I do?

I raised a flag. I asked for a post to be deleted. After a cooling off period, I reasoned that the poster had clearly dedicated a lot of time to answering their question, in a great attempt to be ...
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Is this answer worthy of undeleting?

With great power comes great responsibility I read this unanswered question: Triple monitor on Nvidia and Intel and found the answer written by yilmi was deleted. Although I've had protect/un-protect ...
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Why does the site tease me about a comment I can't view?

A deleted answer marked as spam shows a "show 1 more comment" link, but clicking the link does not show the comment. Reloading the page does not make the problem go away. The deletion itself is ...
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Is this deletion correct?

So I just had my first ever failure here in one of those tests set up by the system to check whether you're paying attention while reviewing posts. For those who are unaware, the system sometimes ...
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My answer was deleted after I fixed it, is this acceptable?

I posted an answer which wasn't well received and it got deleted. You can see the question here. The help center states some reasons for an answer deletion: commentary on the question or other ...
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Why is it that perfectly good answers get deleted?

Why is it that certain perfectly good answers get deleted by a few, because they point out Ubuntu's problems? One answer that was deleted is even given in Ubuntu's manual. Another that was deleted was ...
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Delete own answer if somebody posts a more thorough answer later?

Lets say I answer a question and a few minutes or hours later I notice that somebody else also answered it after me. That other answer includes all the information given in mine plus additional ways ...
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Why was my answer deleted so unfairly?

I answered Ubuntu 15.04 flashes log-in screen then black: My honest answer.. remove Ubuntu 15.04 - uninstall it - its not up to scratch, I had so many problems with 15.04, nearly lost all my ...
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Why was my answer deleted?

Out of interest, why was my answer to Why does Intel Graphics Installer depend on ttf-ancient-fonts? deleted (without comment)?
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Was my answer deleted in error?

In re my answer in: UEFI or Legacy? Which is advised and why? Another user commented that if I had a new question, I should ask it. I did not have a new question. I was attempting to provide some ...
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Is it possible to undelete an answer which is deleted by a moderator?

I had a Q&A here which was deleted by a moderator because the source was not included. I have now added the source and edited the answer. Is it possible to undelete it now?
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"This post is deleted and cannot be edited." text on a totally blank page

I have an error to report. Today, I have started for the first time to review other users' questions and answers. So the error I am talking about never happened to me and I don't know if it was ...
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Reputations went down

Last evening i was answering so many questions. Most of my answers got up voted. I got around 91 in my reputations. But when i checked in the morning reputation was 46. It seemed so strange for me. ...
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Removed previously duplicate answer

I've moved answer from topic on how to change user name with accepted answer, and some likes, to the original one, but since theere was a gap in time between changing the earlier one, and answer to ...
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Why would a sane moderator delete an answer of a question without providing constructive feedback?

Yesterda, I wrote an answer under the following question: Screen Resolution Problem with Ubuntu 14.04 and VirtualBox, however my answer was meant for VMware. I just thought of dropping the answer ...
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Short, pragmatic answer deleted?

Why was this answer deleted on this question? It was a bit short, but remember that some (think SO) of the best answers are short ones. It does answer the OP's question, How can I make suspend work?...
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Why removing working answer that their owner haven't wrote an explanation/added any ref (just commands)

This question: Comand: "unity-control-center background" not working got an answer, simply just this: unity-control-center appearance Well, it works perfectly. I've tested it and I ...'s user avatar
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2 answers

Why was my simple answer deleted?

I answered a user's simple question with a simple answer. He wanted to learn how to make Ubuntu look more like Windows 7. So I gave him this link: How to Make Ubuntu Look Like Windows 7 A moderator ...
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Why my answer is deleted?

Could I know the reason of deleting my answer for this question I know that there exist a similar question but that appears ...
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What to do when your answer gets down voted?

What should I do when my answer is being down voted? Should I delete it? Because if I leave it, more users will just down vote it, which costs reputation. But if I delete it any (possibly limited) ...
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Could my answer be undeleted?

I answered this question, with an answer about the line: well, currently the app don't have such function, but you have this alternatives. The alternatives don't fit all the asker requirements (I ...
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Is there an auto delete point for negative value questions?

This is a question regarding the AskUbuntu Latest Questions forum, I imagine that there a point at which a post will automatically get deleted from the question list. The reason I comment is that ...
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