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Use this tag if your question is about community bulletin. If you want a question to appear in the community bulletin, featured tag should be used instead.

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Can we have some click through stats for Community Bulletin?

We have a section called "Community Bulletin" on the landing page of Ask Ubuntu which contains links to events (like Moderator elections), featured meta posts, recently held meta discussions along ...
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Use the GUI as much as possible in answers [duplicate]

Using the GUI as much as possible in answers and only using the terminal unless absolutely necessarily helps new users. Including both ways is good, but by only using the terminal while there is a ...
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Why do old question appear in the Community Bulletin?

Occasionally, I notice that one of my questions on reappears in the Community Bulletin section, despite, when I click on it, there are no apparent changes. For example, today: My ...
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Duplicate Community Bulletin election entries

Browsing the meta site, I came across this little oddity: As you can see, there are two election entries. Wouldn't it be better to just have a single link for the entire election, as the nominations ...
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