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Can we have highlighted code blocks in the chat rooms?

At the moment, code posted to the chat rooms only differs in the font that's used. It would be nice if, like in comments, the code was highlighted by a different background colour. The way it is now, ...
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8 votes
0 answers

Is oneboxing for Google+ posts coming to the chat?

Oneboxing is one of the brilliantly useful features of our chat system. Could we also have oneboxing for Google+ posts and profiles? I'm told it's the future.
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5 votes
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The preformatted text/code text font in chat is not sufficiently distinct

In chat, when putting text between grave accents to ensure that it is output as code, the resulting text is not very distinguishable from the other text: The only way it's different, right now, is ...
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I moved a discussion to chat, but I'm not logged in there

I just had a lengthy discussion moved to chat. On the chat page, I am not logged in. When I click the link "you need to be logged in", I get to the Stack Exchange page ("Logging you in to the Stack ...
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Why do chat posts appear twice at times?

Sometimes when I type in chat and post, it appears twice! Why does this happen? (Another user told me it is due to my slow internet connection. But can somebody elaborate and confirm it?) Also if the ...
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We should get "Ubuntu questions on SR" notification in chat

In general chat room, we get notification for Ubuntu questions on U&L. I think it would be a good idea to get Ubuntu questions on SR notification as well. SR stands for Software recommendations, ...
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Chat background for this site is broken

When you access chat in askubuntu, this is what happens: Perhaps the background of the page should also be orange? Or the logo text turns black and the background white? I mean an orange box in a ...
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Why are the Chat users inconsistent?

This is the AU Meta user: This is U&L user: Why did the AU Meta post 189 days ago, but for U&L that is not applicable? I know that these are of course wrong - they both posted today. But ...
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Chat room compatibility for iPhone

I am logged into the forums through my iPhone but when I try to enter the chat rooms, it says I must log in. When I enter my credentials it says it cannot find my account, then asks if I would like to ...
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Help on chat without enough REP

I don't have enough rep yet to talk on chats but I would like to reply to some answers to help Can we have a new channel for users without enough rep? Just to chat about Linux in General?...
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