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Why are so many answers posted as comments? [duplicate]

Every morning I click on the unanswered link and every morning I see many of questions answered in the comments section. When this happens, person who asked the question cannot mark it as answered, it ...
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What prewritten Pro-forma (aka AutoReviewComments) userscript comments can we use and share?

I'd like to gather a list of boilerplate comments (AKA canned responses) for Ask Ubuntu which can be used in combination with the awesome Pro-forma comments userscript. Post suggestions too, you are ...
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What to do with answers posted as comments?

With questions like this (or this), the OP or someone else gives an answer but it's in the form of a comment, so the question is still marked "unanswered" even though it has been answered. ...
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Let's not do "I don't know how to fix your problem, so just reinstall"

Not sure how this question went through multiple reviews: But we should be more careful when people recommend ...
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Are people getting "rep shy"? || About "commentswers"

I keep bumping into questions with perfectly good answers that are not marked as accepted or can't even be marked nor voted because they're in comments. Even if you politely ask the "commentswerer" to ...
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What makes a question too broadly scoped for askubuntu?

My concept of 'too broad a scope' up until recently pretty much amounted to "How do I setup Ubuntu server and then, and then, and then...." My understanding is that such a question should actually be ...
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"Can I run Ubuntu on my hardware?" questions: a discussion

Ask Ubuntu receives large numbers of questions like this example posted today asking "I have this [specific device], can I install Ubuntu on it?" These questions tend to attract low quality answers (...
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Please only advise if you actually have something to say on the subject

Every now and then we run into either comments or answers like below: Question: "Just installed Ubuntu 16.10, and now I am in the login loop. I can use ctrl alt f3 to open the console, but dunno ...
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Do 'Read the man pages...' type comments and answers have a place on Ask Ubuntu?

In consultation with the Ask Ubuntu Community I would like to have some discussion and ideally a firm policy on how we should deal with Answers or Comments that invite people to find their own answers ...
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What to do with stolen answers?

I sometimes see people answering a question in the comments and then being asked to convert their comment into an answer, however in some of those cases someone comes along and sees that answer and in ...
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How can a new user escalate an old unanswered question?

This question comes via an anonymous submission to Ask Slashdot: The problem with "Ask Ubuntu" Say a new user has a problem, searches Ask Ubuntu and the UNIX site for a solution, and comes across an ...
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"This is commentary on another post, not an answer" used for low quality answers

I think the "This is commentary on another post, not an answer" comment is used too much on close votes. I'm talking about the following one: This does not provide an answer to the question. To ...
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Should comments offering offline support be flagged?

Are comments like this permitted on AskUbuntu: There is a flag for questions and answers to mark them as spam if they are promoting a product or service without clearly stating the author's ...
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Let's try to explain complex topics to new users in a simple manner

I have lately been noticing that many new users of Ask Ubuntu, who are also new users of Ubuntu, ask questions (probably something related to graphics driver, GRUB, etc.) and many users of Ask Ubuntu, ...
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When should I answer and when should I comment?

I enjoy helping out on this forum. Recently I have become more active in that. Can someone tell me when I should comment and when I should answer? How do you know which one to use? In the answer ...
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