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Were the "pre-canned" comments intended to be brusque and condescending? If so, why?

I posted this question recently, and after I answered a comment requesting information with something like "I'll try to do this when I'm home", the same user who had requested the ...
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Does receiving no reputation for good comments pollute the Answer?

As you get no reputation for good comments it makes more sense to add your comment as a answer so you might get some reputation. I have seen that done quite often. Answers given that should really be ...
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Protect EOL questions (or at least this question)

I've read some ilustratives questions about why questions should be protected and why "not" they should be protected, and after all of that I should say that at very least: protect EOL questions, from ...
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If the comment appears to be an answer how should I behave?

I need a bit more extended information on how should I behave in these situations to reduce unanswered amount of questions like: if the comment appears to be an answer provided by me and the user ...
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What to do about answers that offer suggestions without emphasizing that the answer is merely a suggestion?

I have seen suggestions proffered as answers. My concern in when such "answers" don't emphasize, or even hint, that the suggestion is just that and not based on the answerer actually having tried out ...
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