I can share links for questions via mail, Twitter and Facebook. But what about identi.ca?


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The short answer is: It isn't set up that way. The long answer is: We (That is, AskUbuntu) can't add that feature because AskUbuntu.com uses the StackExchange software that powers StackOverflow. So if you really want it, go ahead and email the StackExchange team over at [email protected]

  • i emailed them but very little suspect very little chances for adding identi.ca support.
    – Lincity
    Feb 16, 2011 at 11:17
  • 2
    Good luck - I'd probably use identi.ca more if I could share this with a button.
    – jrg
    Feb 17, 2011 at 16:38

Share anywhere with your user ID. Copy the "link" below the question. The link to share anywhere would look like this:

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    This isn't the answer to the question. What he wants is a button that does it. He doesn't want to copy/past a link. He wants to have a "Identi.ca button" like SE has for Twitter, Facebook and Email.
    – jrg
    Feb 1, 2011 at 14:35

I’ve tried to create such a button (not for Stack Exhange, but for other sites). It didn’t work well, because Identi.ca itself was not set up to let it work well.

  • If you happen to be signed into Identi.ca, it does work, albeit a little clunkily.
  • If you’re not, what you’d expect is a login/signup screen, and once you’re logged in or signed up, you’d expect a “post message” screen with the link text already there in the message. That’s not what you get. What you get is an incomprehensible error message. Not helpful. I don’t expect Stack Exhcange to add “Share on Identi.ca” buttons till Identi.ca themselves tidy up a bit.

So push Identi.ca first, then come back to pushing Stack Exchange.

Things may have changed: maybe, when you talk to Identi.ca, you’ll find that they’ve already fixed this problem. If so, please do let me know.

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