A post of mine just got edited. Most of the edit was great. Just one thing was not true. Is there a way to partially accept an edit. I just accepted and then edited the edit, is there a better way?

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Yes, you can choose to improve the edit.

You get into the regular edit mask, when you are finished you have two choices:

  • keep "the suggestion was helpful" checked - in that case the suggestion is approved immediately and the post is saved with the suggested and your edits
  • uncheck "helpful" - in that case the suggestion is rejected immediately, but the post is also saved withe the remaining suggests and your edits

So if you "improve" the post you determine

  • how it looks in the end
  • if the suggestor is awarded the 2 points rep
  • I will try this next time. I don't have rights to review edits normally so I can only check when someone edits one of my answers. Commented Dec 29, 2013 at 19:04

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