This answer is really brutal on the eyes however I think it's key to have filenames and commands with that kind of formatting.

Maybe perhaps toning it down a bit? Similar in shade to the blockquote perhaps? Example:

ouchy ouch commands hurt eyes

softer nicey nicey commands not so much.

Note: I am only talking about the background grey color, we should (for obvious reasons) keep the monospaced font for the code and commands.


On StackOverflow, the background color for code is the same as for block quotes. The only difference between the two is that code font is monospace.

I think that would work great here too.

alt text

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    +1 for StackOverflow style Dec 7 '10 at 23:05

I have put in a fix, it will be in the next deployment. I have lightened the code from #ccc to #e0e0e0 (still slightly darker than the blockquote).


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