Can the following questions be merged? These questions all look a lot similar and they all have valuable answers (most of which are similar, which is 'use fdupes'). Are we going to maintain a different question for

  1. finding duplicate images
  2. finding duplicate music files
  3. finding duplicate files and folders

The third question is marked as a duplicate of the second, but the best answer is found in the third question (this is subjective I know). My personal favorite is this answer because it explains the basic options and has valuable notes (which might be edited into the answer).

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The first question is specifically about pictures, so I think it should be kept separate.

The second and third could be merged, though. That seems like a good idea. Strictly speaking the topics are a bit different--one is about deleting duplicates and the other is about moving them. But in effect they are presenting the same kind of information.

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