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Having done the traditional "google search" (other providers may be used) I came across this blog post that describes chrubuntu and how to install it.

At first glance it looks like a set of instructions and an install script to install whatever variant of 'buntu on a chrome-book.

Looking at this quote:

I've rewritten the ChrUbuntu script to pull packages directly from official ubuntu.com sources rather than utilizing my own pre-configured, static image of an Ubuntu installation

Obviously in my mind, chrubuntu questions would have been off-topic since no-one really would have known what that image the author was using.

Looking more in detail now with the new script it does do a few things (autologin, adds official chrome repo) but all in all, it looks fairly vanilla using official sources.

Thus, to my question: are Chrubuntu questions on-topic on AU or off-topic?

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Despite the questions title of "ChrUbuntu", it's simply Ubuntu installed on Chrome. So long as the distribution is actually upstream I think it's okay. The install method isn't covered exactly under the "official distribution"


I say if it changes the default behaviour of Ubuntu and our users may not be used to install/use it, is off-topic. Unix & Linux has already questions about Chrubuntu and they are getting answers.

I don't see how something that may or may not change how ubuntu default installation will be on topic here.

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