Today I deleted I don't know how many accounts, but noticed that there was one that kept appearing with the same IP. In all cases I did a clean and brutal destroy of the account (Bloody mess actually, account parts everywhere). But then I thought, if there is a way to protect the site (Ban the account/IP) when destroying it so it does not appear for a long time.

There are days that there is 0% spam. Others is like we are in war with other stack exchange sites. So for this cases, how can we deal with spam related incidents in a way that the IP can not be used for several days (Instead of getting used 30 seconds later with another account and with another spam).

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Well, I don't think it really protects us, but it does seem to stop some spammers for a while. One thing I would suggest is not to send them a message, as it just makes them think we are fooled by them.


You can directly ask the SE team for a URL blacklist or an IP ban if you notice a particular pattern in the spam. Just ping someone from the comm team in the Teacher's Lounge if you get a lot of similar spam.

IP bans are of questionable use and can easily cause too much collateral damage, so they are only used carefully.


If those spammers uses modem with dynamic IP, banning IP can be not useful enough, since their IP changes as time their reconnects.

  • You missed the part about a URL blacklist in Mad Scientist's post.
    – Thomas Ward Mod
    Commented Apr 25, 2013 at 17:24

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