I've asked a couple of questions, here and here that haven't been answered after quite a while. I see no way to improve them. I have asked that they be closed. But, on reflection, would it be better to have them deleted? How does closing a question rather than deleting it affect AskUbuntu's stats?

  • I've tacked some bounties on them, let's see if that helps! Dec 24, 2012 at 17:04

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I would just leave those two open, they seem to be fine questions, just not getting attention.

Though you haven't really added anything to them since you asked them; you should at least try to add some results of your research into them if possible; surely there's something out there that you've found that might be related that you can add to the questions.

  • For the browser question, I did post a related question at the Launchpad Q&A and in ubuntuforums.org but didn't get any feedback to enhance the Ask Ubuntu question here. For the theme question, I did ask at Launchpad Q&A as well but didn't get much to pass back here. It's true I could have pushed things further but I guess I lacked the motivation.
    – user25656
    Dec 25, 2012 at 3:49

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