I have been an Ubuntu user for a while but recently found out how great the community is.

This has quickly become yet another reason I love Ubuntu and I would like to be more involved.

What else can I do, except answering questions and editing posts, to be a more productive member of this community?

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You can hang out in chat and help out. I usually post sets of questions or queries that could use editing, that sort of thing.

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I don't know what exactly is meant by more involved. If you are answering questions and editing posts, I think you are involved already.

Here are some suggestions from me:

  • Try to upvote great posts, both questions and answers.
  • Try to find duplicate questions and flag the questions for moderator attention, so that they can be closed.
  • Downvote wrong, dangerous answers which can create more harm.
  • And finally, editing. Edit posts with bad formatting, incorrect tags. Editing is considered truly a great contribution to the community. You can visit the review section to see low-quality posts.
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Some points to add to what have already been said:

  • Comment to help guide improvement of questions and answers.
  • Tag questions properly to ease finding content.
  • Follow the tags of topics of your expertise to be able easily spot question which you may answer.
  • Visit the meta site to see what the community is up to.
  • Rather than trying to do everything you might want to focus on particular tasks and areas to avoid burn out.
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