Should the tag be a synonym of ? While there are other ways to encrypt a home directory, Ecryptfs is the official method under Ubuntu. All three questions tagged are about Ecryptfs.

I think the tag should be made a synonym, rather than deleted, because its name is more discoverable to non-technical users.

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I would say yes.

However, before we do anything we need to read the crypto.se post on the stewardship of the ecryptfs tags.


  • For technical process (eg "How to I encrypt this in Ubuntu?"), Ask Ubuntu wants those.
  • As above for non-Ubuntu, to Unix & Linux
  • For underlying theory Crypto and Security are probably better audiences.

(borrowed from Oli's answer there).

I will ping Dustin Kirkland and find out if he wants this, because I think that for something that he put so much effort into trying to manage properly on Stack Exchange, we should consult him before doing anything.

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    +1, I'm good with this. encrypted-home on Ubuntu, for almost all purposes, means "eCryptfs". Thanks for asking! We're loving Stack Exchange for eCryptfs frequently asked questions! Jun 28, 2012 at 2:22

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