I signed into (and presumably registered with) askubuntu using my launchpad openid.

I'd like to also ask some questions on other Stack Exchange sites but keep all the accounts connected.

When I go to sign in at (for example) stack overflow, the openid options do not include askubuntu or launchpad. How can I ensure that any new accounts I create will be correctly linked? Should I register an account with the main stack exchange site first? I seem to already be a Stack Exchange user as I can click on "Network Profile", and this takes me to Stack Exchange where I can see my stats, but I don't seem to have an actual log in to Stack Exchange.

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Yes, you can. It's quite simple. You simply create an account on another Stackexchage site with the same credentials(assuming your Launchpad username is example, click the option for something like "other", and type , https://launchpad.net/~example and continue the login. This has a benefit--if you hit 200 reputation on any one StackExchange site, you get an extra 100 reputation for all sites. Unfortunately, you can only get this bonus once.

Another option to login: Go to your Askubuntu profile page and click "My Logins". Click "add more logins.." and use any option there to create a login with a site you already have an account on. You can then login to any site in order to share the account.

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