I was looking through some questions today and stumbled upon this one: https://meta.askubuntu.com/questions/1109/what-is-flag-weight

The answer contains link rot so I searched for what to do in that situation and found this: What should we do about answers with Link Rot?

The suggested advice is to downvote and leave a comment. However I was still interested in the answer and I don't feel that this would get the question answered. I did some searching and it appears flag weight is no more so it doesn't matter but I still want to know what I should have done if I had the same question and the answer is corrupted by link rot. Should I flag the question? Ask the same question after flagging the other one for deletion? What is appropriate here?

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Wow. I up-voted that for some reason, and apparently you can't take back a vote after a certain length of time. Even if the link still worked, it wouldn't be a good answer as it doesn't contain any info besides the link. We encourage people to provide a summery of the information that they are linking to for just this reason.

Still, the advise in "What should we do about answers with Link Rot?" is probably best.

Leaving a comment will hopefully prompt the user to provide a better answer. Since it really can't be saved through an edit, since it only consists of a dead link, it's probably appropriate to flag the answer for deletion.

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