This is a about a tag, not an invitation to mass-edit questions containing said tag (at least for now)**

We have a tag. It is meant to be about Kernel-based Virtual Machines (based on the Tag Wiki for it). We also have a tag for questions pertaining to KVM switches.

I recently noticed a few Suggested Edits that re-tagged questions that were (wrongly) tagged with the tag to use the tag (for questions about KVM switches). These edits aren't wrong at all.

However, I noticed there's about 1,100 questions tagged with the tag, 104 of which also contain the word "switch". In addition, 28 questions tagged with kvm include the phrase "kvm switch". There's also three questions tagged with both the kvm tag and the kvm-switch tag.

I haven't gone through all 104 questions that contain the and the word "switch", but a quick glance indicates many (most?) are about KVM switches (although at least a couple are actually about Kernel-based Virtual Machines).

So, what should we with the tag? Some initial ideas include:

*It might be possible to rename the tag to and then just re-tag those questions, and that might be easier, but I'm not sure

**This should be obvious, but several of my other tag-related Meta questions (on MSO) have resulted in other users deciding to take action on a tag before consensus was reached, so I'm trying to avoid that issue here

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    I'd suggest renaming kvm to kvm-virtualization so that the context is clear, because in practice I've never heard anyone say "kernel virtual machine". It will also contrast nicely with kvm-switch
    – muru
    Commented Jan 24, 2023 at 8:18
  • Mods can rename tags (and IIRC it's possible to make the old tag name a synonym as well when renaming), so renaming to kernel-virtual-machine while keeping kvm as a synonym might also be a good idea
    – muru
    Commented Jan 24, 2023 at 8:19

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After some further discussion with @cocomac on Raiders of the Lost Downboat the following changes have now been completed:

enter image description here

A few tasks remain:

  1. Some re-tagging of posts tagged to as appropriate which cocomac has agreed to undertake.
  2. Usage guidelines and a tag wiki will need to be added to the the new which is currently barren of any useful details.

And thanks again to cocomac for finding the issue, bringing it forward to the Community and acting on it!


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