I came across this question and noticed that it was tagged with 'always-friday-in-iceland, I couldnt catch the reason behind creating that tag and also its Usage/meaning, kindly elucidate.


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The same question has been asked on StackOverflow Meta. Here is the answer that was provided there:

That started with the user Olafur Waage who lives in Iceland. I believe it started with someone asking a Friday type of fun question and it started as a comment, then turned into a tag. And then people started slapping it on more fun meta questions.

Friday is kind of the official "let a few fun questions survive on meta" relaxed day. I believe someone asked a fun type of question and it was not Friday and someone's defense was it is always Friday in Iceland!

  • pretty long history i should say, iceland:P Commented Jan 15, 2012 at 17:17

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