Hello Today I was browsing through all the questions...
I was seeing and almost all the questions were answered. So I selected the "unanswered category" of questions.

By default, sort by votes (in unanswered questions:- It will show all unanswered questions and sort them by votes, so it would be something like 20votes answer in front and -4votes answer in end) is selected (at least in my case). It is OK there I don't see any answered questions and it is working fine... However, when I went to page 2, it switched to category "all" with the filter "votes". (I mean, now I no longer see any unanswered question but see all lines of questions and they are sorted by votes for eg:- It is showing an answered question with +700votes)

Is this only for me? (I am on a Samsung Tablet)

This issue is only on mobile version


  • Apparently embedded gif animations don't work here, at least not in any of my browsers.
    – Paul
    2 days ago

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