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Recently I've provided answers on few questions related to WSL, but, IMO, they are more Windows related rather than Ubuntu. For example:

So, whether such questions should be answered? What criteria we could keep in mind to decide which of such questions are off-topic or not?

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    A similar discussion on meta posted recently: Where is the line of topicality where WSL is involved? – Kulfy Aug 25 at 8:31
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    This is not a product I personally know anything about but from looking at the opinions of others and the history of what is supported here, it would seem to me that any questions that are about using WSL or running something on it, like the ones you link, would be on topic. We wholeheartedly support official canonical/ubuntu products and that is that WSL is. So I guess you can feel free to answer them. – Mark Kirby Aug 25 at 12:10

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