I wrote an answer to someones question with the best intention to help. A few days later, I received an edit request for review:

enter image description here

Ignoring the fact, that this edit would completely destroy my answer, what would be the best way to preserve that feedback in askubuntu?

  • Tell the guy to move it to the comment section? (seams to much and it would lose the context)
  • Tell him to update and change his question? (that would change and double the size of his question)
  • Something else?

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As this edit is OP’s reaction and feedback to your answer, it should be an edit to the question. There are three steps to take:

  • Reject the edit as “Attempt to reply”
  • Write a comment to OP asking them to update their question with the new information
    I did that now and shortened the citations to avoid unnecessarily redundant information.
  • Edit your answer to account for the changed question
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    I was going to edit your answer with my comment "This is a great answer!" but I decided to post that here instead and upvote you :) Commented Apr 26, 2019 at 1:34

I would accept it if it adds to the answer (but it does not ;) ). It is the person that asked the question so his -intent- is to add to your question what he thinks makes it a perfect answer.

He is adding things that are related to the question. So reject it and leave a comment

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