I hit a problem about encryption on 18.04, and this question was perfect. However, it was closed as off-topic saying that it should be reported as a bug.

However, this isn't a bug — it's a deliberate decision by Canonical. The poster is asking how to apply the alternative route that Canonical itself recommends, which I think is a valid question.

So, should this question really have been closed as off-topic? Please help me to understand.

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Yes it was off topic when it was written, no it is not a bug but the other reason given is "problems specific to development version of Ubuntu" and, when it was posted, Apr 14th, 18.04 was not released, April 26th , so the close was correct.

Some choices you have here are: Ask a new question now it is on topic or vote to reopen the question now 18.04 is out.

  • Thank you, that helps. Commented Jul 31, 2018 at 16:44

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