I want to mark the following three questions as duplicates, but I can't decide which one should be the 'root'. All of them are related to the usage of the Esc key in a Custom Shortcut within Unity.

Which of these questions I should choose as the 'root' for the duplication?

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Custom shortcut for System Monitor not working, which has an answer that actually explains the problem, is the only candidate.

Keyboard shortcut Shift + Ctrl + Escape does not work has an unsatisfactory answer which failed to work for at least one person, and looks as if its author didn't actually test it. I've downvoted that answer now so the question is unanswered*. Even if we try, the system won't allow closing against an unanswered question unless it's by the same author.

Ubuntu 16.04 escape key doesn't work in custom keyboard shortcut has no answers at all.

So, I voted to close both of the unanswered questions against Custom shortcut for System Monitor not working.

*an unanswered question has no upvoted or accepted answers. Zero or negative scored answers don't count.

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