It seems that I don't have an "edit" button for posts on meta. Looking at the meta users page, it seems that edits can be made here if you're a moderator or if you have the requisite rep to make edits.

Is there a reason suggestions are disabled for other users? Not a huge deal, just curious really.

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Some searching on http://meta.stackoverflow.com came up with the following:

  • According to Why can't I suggest edits on SE meta sites? it's due to the fact that it would add an another burden to moderators which is explained by the following:

    Mostly because the per-site metas are generally low traffic -- some of them count daily visits in the dozens.

    That means the moderators will have to do the work, since the 10k site users are the only ones that can even see this queue. And on many sites, like say Bicycles -- there are exactly zero users at this rep level, even after many months.


    We were uncomfortable adding Yet Another Queue for Moderators to Look At across every site in the network.

  • According Per-site metas don't have ability of suggested-edits (which is older than the above answer) it's a feature that is not needed on meta sites.

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