Questions similar to the In Ubuntu 16.04, how to set shortcut-keys for maximizing a window only horizontally or only vertically? lead to a "wish" for developers of Ubuntu. (After I have got some experience with the Ubuntu 16.04 and tried shaping windows, it appears to me that merely shifting the window title bar to the top or a side of the display, which in the new Ubuntu version maximizes the height or width of the window, is not sufficient.) Where should I place such a "wish"?

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    This is about the process of developing Ubuntu rather than the Ask Ubuntu site itself, so it should really be on the main site. That is, this is an attempt to ask how to file a feature request for Ubuntu, not an attempt to file one for Ask Ubuntu. So let's close this and migrate it to the main site. (It will then likely be made a duplicate of the question muru linked. @TomášPečený If that doesn't tell you what you need to know, you can edit your question to explain that. Either way this belongs on main.) – Eliah Kagan Sep 21 '17 at 7:25
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It's called a "feature request": Where can I send feature requests?

Note that Ubuntu is moving to GNOME Shell, so feature requests for Unity won't be of much priority. And they probably won't be backported to 16.04.

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