As a beginner I usually answer questions very rarely as I think my knowledge not sufficient yet. So I read questions and answers as much as I can and edit questions to correct spelling and formatting to make it easy to read. One of my recent edits rejected by the Community♦ and the reason was,

This edit conflicted with a subsequent edit

Will it really be counted as a rejected edit?

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    Writing a few high-quality questions will get you some rep too. Commented Aug 4, 2016 at 12:54

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Yes, it is counted as a rejected edit. A few rejects are okay, they happen.


Mostly you will get that message when your suggestion failed to improve a severe issue or several small ones so that a reviewer decided to start the whole edit afresh. That is the reason why this reject counts.

Make sure to review the edit history of the post. In the comment you will likely find an explanation about what was missing.

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