So today I noticed that one of my answers had gained a strange amount of rep (+17). I checked it out in my profile, and saw that it had gained 15 points from being accepted and another 2 from being upvoted.

Now, I've never seen any scenario where one of my answers gets accepted and upvoted, but the upvote only counts for +2 rep. What is this? (Sorry for any incoherence, I'm pretty tired.)

Screenshot of rep counter thingy:


Link to Q&A: Ubuntu 15.10 root account login


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You hit your daily reputation limit:

enter image description here

You got a +2 from an upvote to since there was a -2 from a downvote. If something will take you over the reputation limit, then only as much reputation to get you to the limit is granted from it.

  • That makes sense! Thanks Feb 9, 2016 at 11:02

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