Just curious to the method, used to calculate the figure below (well, the top 0.16%; the reputation I kind of understand):

enter image description here

If I look at the pages (36 users per page), I count 7625 and something pages. That makes 274508 users. When the year rank is 11, my calculation is 11÷274508 = 0,000040072.

In other words, that would make:

top 0,0040072%.

My questions are:

  • How often is this figure updated (since I hardly see them change ever)
  • How is this figure calculated.

Curious to the calculation method ever since I earned rep 1.


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If you skim to the last page you'll notice that actually only 6931 users are ranked;

Doing the math:

x / 100 = 11 / 6931
x = 11 / 6931 * 100 = 0,158707257 =~ 0,16%

According to this post, User Reputation Leagues are recalculated daily.

Probably you don't see a difference because the wider the timeframe addressed by a league the more the reputation in function of the rank has an exponential-like trend (i.e. the more you approach the top user the bigger is the reputation gap between contiguous users); this means that variations in the first page e.g. in the quarterly / yearly / all time leagues are less likely to happen, since they require bigger reputation changes.

You can probably appreciate the difference much more e.g. in the weekly league.

  • Perfect, thanks! Commented Dec 17, 2015 at 12:35

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