The says:

Questions about uninstalling software in Ubuntu, or uninstalling Ubuntu from a computer.

And says:

for questions about uninstalling software on Ubuntu.

So, I think is a general tag and its excerpt needs to be improved.

Something like says:

DO NOT USE THIS TAG. Use either (for system installs) or (for installing software on a running system). Questions about installing Ubuntu, or installing programs from within Ubuntu.

So, users are recommended to use specific or instead.

Similarly, is specific. So, either should say :

Questions about uninstallation. This is very general tag. If you have a tag that's more specific e.g. ( for uninstalling software) please use that one.

(something like says)

And/or There should be tag for uninstalling system like as well as

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    Yes to everything except the system-uninstall tag, which is a misnomer from my point of view and should only have a few questions. On second thought if users find questions with appropriate answers more easily through this tag, then this is a good thing.
    – LiveWireBT
    Jun 17, 2015 at 18:00


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