I had a question on askubuntu meta.


When I deleted the https://meta. part and reloaded the url it redirected me to this url


Possibly a bug?

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I assume that when you wrote "Stack Overflow", you meant "Ask Ubuntu Meta".

Ask Ubuntu (http://askubuntu.com) and Ask Ubuntu Meta (http://meta.askubuntu.com) are two completely different websites (though they are related). Because of this, each has its own set of questions and answers.

Here's what happened in your specific example: the question has an ID of 13980 on Ask Ubuntu Meta. There is an answer on Ask Ubuntu that happens to have the same ID. When you attempt to load a page with the ID of the answer in place of the question ID in the URL, you are automatically redirected to the appropriate URL for the question.

tl;dr — this is not a bug.

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