I am looking for a consensus on what to call the Alt+F2 mode.

It seems that quite a few questions simply refer to it as Alt+F2 which is a bit clunky. Looking around I have also seen the following used:

  • Dash 'special mode'
  • Run Dialog
  • Run Application

As most of the answers I post are tailored to Unity I have been using Dash Run in answers since it made sense to me at the time of writing.

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I always used "Run Command" to refer to this, since that's what it does and referred to by the gnome-panel version.

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    I talked to Neil about this (the dash maintainer) and he says "Run Command" is correct. Commented May 20, 2011 at 14:27

The inline text says "Run a command" so I myself decided to call it the "Run a command"-dialog. But I do like the Dash Run more than any of the others. So +1 on that.


Personally I think calling it anything is just unnecessary and if anything would cause confusion. Because we need to mention that you press Alt+F2 to get there - no need to add a name for it.

In this answer I think the added 'Dash Run' text is confusing (it is to me at least).

Seeing as we don't have an official name for this, I think it would be better not to call it anything.


If we were going to settle on a name, then seeing as we have the "Applications Lens" and "Files & Folders Lens" then I would suggest Command Lens or Run Lens.

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