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Русский военный корабль, иди на хуй

I'm a Physics PhD in Hungary, specializing in ultrafast science, condensed-matter physics, and laser-matter interaction. I'm working with material simulations (DFT, TDDFT, MD...) using codes like Quantum Espresso, Octopus, AMS-SCM, Yambo, etc., and am a highly-skilled scientific Python programmer. I also have a great knowledge of C and Bash, as well as a slight droplet of wisdom in Fortran and Java. Currently I'm working in ELI-ALPS as a part of the PANOSC-VINYL, an EU-funded project aiming to develop a complete start-to-end photon and neutron beamline simulation system - including the simulation of source, propagation, sample, beam-matter interaction, and signal detection - as an open-source package in the framework of the Open Science initiative.

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