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I'm re-entering the world of Ubuntu at age 75. I've been retired for 20 years, but was a computer programmer for many years. I first worked writing data recovery programs for Mace Software. One of my utilities caught the attention of the IRS, who contacted the company and asked if we could write a customized version that would accommodate their special needs. This resulted in the programming team being spun off into a separate company, Momentum Development Inc. Besides our work for the Government, we continued to write recovery utilities (for other companies), as well as a suite of Sports related products. The 1994 Baseball strike destroyed our sales for the season, and the company went Bankrupt. I continued to program on my own, and maintained my relationship with the government, selling my specialized software directly. In 1996 I joined several veteran government computer specialists and formed New Technologies Inc., a company dedicated to writing specialized software, and training Government and Civilian Law Enforcement personnel across many agencies including the Military, in the then new science of Computer forensics. In 2000, the company was acquired by Armor Holdings Inc. In 2001, personal and professional commitments became overwhelming, and I left the world of Computer Programming. As a programmer, I used minicomputer systems running Unix, and not being a fan of Microsoft I built a PC based Ubuntu system for my home computer. I dabbled in the world of Internet Business, at one time having 20+ websites, but ultimately decided I was not cut out to be a businessperson and so abandoned those efforts. I spent several years working with troubled and at-risk youth, but the organization I worked under collapsed shortly after the onset of the COVID pandemic. These days I'm an avid Karaoke singer, and a dedicated fan or the University of Connecticut's Women's Basketball team -- which brings us to the present. With too much free time, I decided I'd try my hand at writing, having been encouraged over the years to do so by a couple of literature professors, and a couple of publishing houses. Although several things I'd written did catch the attention of some knowledgeable people, I never fancied myself a writer, but if you don't try, you'll never know. So.... I decided that my Chromebook was definitely not up to the task of being a serious writer's tool, so I purchased a new laptop, dumped the Windows 11 that it came with and installed Ubuntu 22.04. Having been only a casual user for 20+ years, and given all the changes computers have gone through, I now find myself securely in the ranks of "Amateur" again. Without the maze of wires, I'm lost. For me, WiFi was nothing more than a way to distribute the Internet throughout my house, and Bluetooth was some mysterious realm of the Harry Potter generation. So I was delighted to see that the old robust and dependable network of Ubuntu users, teaching and supporting each other still exists. Viva Ubuntu!

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