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19 votes
3 answers

Should questions seeking workarounds for bugs be allowed?

I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 12.10 and had my alt + tab break. Fortunately, I found a question on Ask Ubuntu that had the solution. However, since this question was closed, the solution was posted ...
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28 votes
7 answers

Are bugs necessarily off-topic?

Jorge Castro recently commented on one of my questions that it should be filed as a bug instead. And I've seen here that the general view is that questions about bugs should be considered off-topic ...
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14 votes
1 answer

Please try to read bug reports before voting to close something as a bug

I just found this in the review queue: Does it matter that wlan0 has changed its name to eth1 after I upgraded to 12.04? It has a couple of votes to close as off-topic, I assume because somebody ...
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3 answers

Please Remove "Bug Report" Close

According to Ability to close a question as a bug report, its speculated that closing as a bug better serves the community's users. I'm finding the exact opposite in practice. That is, the bug ...
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3 votes
3 answers

Revealing bug report considered answer?

I've seen this a few times, where an answer is given, and all it says is "This is a bug, see this link...", etc. This post is an example (at least one of the answers is, it came up in a review). Is ...
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1 vote
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Is it reasonable to warn people about a bug and provide a workaround? [duplicate]

The title is about it. But, specifically there is a bug ( which causes no grub menu to appear on loading (even holding down shift). I ...
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