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How to post links that integrate with the Software Center?

There are some posts with nice Software Center icons and links to software installation via apt. How to do that?
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How do I quickly gain reputation?

What is the simplest way to up your reputation points so that one can use all features offered by this site?
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Why is this site better than the Ubuntu Forums?

I am surprised nobody has asked this, but I'll go ahead and start the flame war. Why do you like this site more than the Ubuntu Forums? To me, it seems like unnecessary fragmentation of the Ubuntu ...
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Style guide for questions and answers

Following the style guides on Stack Overflow and Wikipedia, I would like to propose that we create a style guide of our own. Let's hold ourselves to a high standard and create or promote questions ...
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Help spread this site....

Please help us promote this site... I know there are some ways in the sidebar. But can you come up with more interesting ways to promote this site? The SE folks have a post on how to help spread a ...
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How to ask and answer Software Recommendation Questions

We get quite a few software-recommendation questions. I'd like to bang out an expected format for these questions to prevent them from melting into too localized or subjective trite. What are tips ...
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How do I demote my own answer and encourage people to see the more detailed one?

In this question Bertrand's answer is better because he linked to a blog post from an upstream developer with much better information. I think my answer got top voted because I happened to post first ...
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Who's running this ship and where's it going?

When investing my time into something, I like to know where it's going. Helping one person is good but if I can help 10, that's better. Is my time here worth more than that on IRC/forums/etc? To know ...
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How can I have a LoCo team help Ask Ubuntu?

So, we've got the Global Jam coming up, and Ask Ubuntu has around 3,600 unanswered questions. So, I'd like to have my LoCo team help Ask Ubuntu for the jam - any particular tips/tricks that people ...
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How can I reply to a user?

I want to ask a question to a user on Ask Ubuntu, but I don't understand how to do it. There is no email, no nothing. Can you tell me how to do it?
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Title editing for googleability

I've been editing the titles to make more sense, for example "How do I do foo on Ubuntu" to "How do I do foo?" since we already know you'll be on Ubuntu (unless you specify otherwise). I've also been ...
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Questions Closed

I notice that some moderators close questions without an adequate explanation of how to get to previous answers - this question has already been asked! - It might be easier for a newbie to research ...
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How can we ensure that first timers are not given the wrong impression

I have seen many times people being down voted for doing something wrong. For example posting an answer that really should have been a comment. Or posting an answer in the style of a forum thread ...
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What are the features of Ask Ubuntu? [closed]

What are the features of Ask Ubuntu??
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How come my questions aren't being answered?

why aren't my questions being answered? It seems like they aren't noticed... Most of my questions have no answers or votes. Am I doing something wrong?
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