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What is this ridiculous "reputation" system? [duplicate]

I cannot upvote or comment, makes this entire site worthless... What can I do to fix this?
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How do I improve my reputation if I can generally find answers to the questions that I have? [duplicate]

I'm generally pretty self-sufficient, and the Ask Ubuntu database is pretty full. So I can generally find the answers to the questions that I'm looking for. However, I would still like to contribute,...
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How to earn points as an Ubuntu noob? [duplicate]

I've been a member of Ask Ubuntu for over 2.5 years, but because I'm always fighting with Ubuntu, I only ever have questions and never any answers. However, all questions I have are already asked. ...
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Reputation: How do I get the minimum necessary points in askUbuntu to get started? [duplicate]

This is a sort of catch22 situation, I am not allowed to vote, or do anything, because i need points. In order to comment, i need 50 points. to Vote up, 15 points. I know after this question someone ...
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Can't thumb up my favorite answers? [duplicate]

I find lots of good answers on this forum but can't thumb them up because of missing reputation. Comments also are prohibited. Could someone just help me with that so I could reward my HEROES ! So how ...
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How does one gain reputation on Stack Exchange and similar sites? [duplicate]

If one knows hardly anything and thus cannot answer others' questions, how can one gain reputation? I am new and it seems all of the questions are too advanced for me to answer. Edit: The link you ...
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How to get reputation points so I can comment, vote, answer? [duplicate]

So I love this site. Usually I find an answer right away. But sometimes I do find another solution or simply want to comment on instructions and what I had to do perhaps differently because of my ...
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How do I get "reputation" on this site? [duplicate]

Every time I try to do anything on this site I apparently lack the reputation required to do it. (Add a comment, vote up a comment that worked well for me, trying to add a tag to ask this question... ...
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How do I earn reputation points the fastest? [duplicate]

So I've got 15-ish years of exp on everything webdev/js/ts, but no reputation. I see questions asked where I would really be able to contribute with a good answer but I can't because ... no reputation ...
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How does Ask Ubuntu work?

We're in an odd situtation as Stack Exchange has long-established communities and so has Ubuntu. We need to ensure that we communicate best practices to the existing Ubuntu teams. How do Ask Ubuntu ...
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What should I do when I find an answer that damages my system but I don't have enough reputation to comment on it?

I found an answer that not only didn't work for me, but it also removed a whole bunch of unrelated stuff that now I now need to find a way to reinstall. I just want to add a comment under the ...
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Contributing as a new member in this mature StackExchange site

So, I am relatively new to Ubuntu (a couple years) and completely new to this site as a registered user. I have found lots of good information here before, but just now did I find something to ...
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How can I reply to a user?

I want to ask a question to a user on Ask Ubuntu, but I don't understand how to do it. There is no email, no nothing. Can you tell me how to do it?
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remove one question every 20 minutes limit

Please remove the ridiculous 20 minute wait time for each additional question. I often have more than one question and do not see any reason to waste time. You are disrespecting the members of this ...
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Who are the people responsible for the direction, decisions and development of AskUbuntu?

Although I'm relatively new to using AskUbuntu, I have, at times, wanted to contact the "leaders" responsible for the direction, decisions and development of AskUbuntu (ie. who decides the "official ...
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