Questions for opinions or recommendations are off-topic here, and I can understand why: whatever answer would be given it will hardly be timeless, and with vague problems, answers will necessarily will be biased in one way or another, presenting a limited opportunity for helping others as the time goes by.

The alternative is forum based approach, where the questions (threads) are expected to die off on their own. But on the other hand threads are plagued by off-topic or too lengthy conversations.

Why not devise a corner of SE dedicated to questions that would require a speculative answer and take advantage of this superb Q&A platform?

Main advantages over traditional forum software are:

  • UI that focuses on a paradigm "one question, many independent answers" in contrast to forum, that looks more like an email conversation with "one question, nobody knows where are the answers among those 500 replies"
  • Exquisite platform for moderators, that ensures that the level of moderator work is many levels beyond of what can be seen on forums
  • A good and interesting system of points and badges that stimulates people to give answers on topic and rate them.

I'd badly need some good place, where I can get updates about the BTRFS vs ZFS, or bcache vs flashcache technologies.

The point system could be easily made adjusted so it will fade in time, so that a new and more up-date answer would get some bonus over very good, but old and outdated one.



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