I read about Altruist Badge, but I can't see how could it be applied.

What are the requirements for this badge to happen?

Do I have access to another person's question?

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Bounties can be awarded by anyone with a reputation greater than 75 and the amount of bounty to offer, to any question asked by anyone two days after the question has been asked. To award bounty to a question, just click on start a bounty button just below the question.

question asked by someone, not me

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    – kamil
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    – jobin
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Quote from How does the bounty system work?:

How do I start a bounty? When can I start a bounty?

A bounty can be started on a question two days after the question was asked.

To start a bounty, click on the start a bounty link at the bottom of an eligible question. The bounty panel will open. Use the dropdown to allocate the bounty amount -- anywhere between 50 and 500 reputation, in 50 point increments.

You must have at least 75 reputation to start a bounty, and at least as much reputation as the bounty amount.

The bounty award will be subtracted from your reputation when the bounty is started, not when it is awarded.

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