I usually like to link this help page: Some-one answers to new users that comment "Thanks, it worked!!" on an answer.

The reason I link them to Some-one answers instead of Accepted answer is because the former one actually has an explanation of how to accept an answer. I actually think that that part should be moved to be under the latter link, and that the latter link should have a title of "How do I "accept" an answer". I would definitely link users to that. But I digress.

Can we add a screenshot of the "accepted answer" check-box to that help page? Why?

  • I strongly believe that screenshots are an easy way to convey information to the reader. New users might not find the accepted answer check-box even if the text tries to explain where it is, so a screenshot would do.
  • The "To accept an answer:" subtitle in that help page links to a StackOverflow question. I think it's great because it further explains the "accepted answer" concept, and it also includes a screenshot, but its a screenshot of the StackOverflow accepted-answer box.

Here's a sample of what I was thinking:

It probably looks hideous, but that's how I imagine it. The two screenshots I used are here and here.


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