This edit popped up in the review queue and Iā€™m not quite sure if my initial thought is correct or not:

A Slippery Slope

The answer was posted almost a decade ago and ā€” as you can see ā€” has a very respectable upvote count. The question itself has been viewed almost six million times.

Looking at the edit, two things popped into my head:

  1. The use of apt-get was standard in 2011
  2. At no time did the person asking the question state they were having permission issues or that the file was downloaded to a directory not owned by the user account

If this edit is approved, then it would mean that we (the community) should go in an editing spree to clean up all references to apt-get, including those on new posts that are made today. This seems excessive. However, given that six million people have seen this question and a good percentage will have used this exact answer, an argument could be made that the edit is justified to ensure people are exposed to using apt without -get before the deprecated command is removed.

Am I just overthinking this? šŸ¤”

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apt-get is not deprecated. The additional command seems unnecessary. I would reject this edit with a custom message saying that apt-get is not deprecated. It would also make sense to reject it as "no improvement".

If you feel like the additional command adds value, you could approve the edit (changing apt-get to apt is not a problem, just not needed) - that would also be reasonable in my opinion.

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