Yesterday I removed the recently created tag from a post here on meta. We have a preexisting tag for that subject, so to keep all the audit-related questions together they should have one and the same tag.

However, on reflection, seems to me like a better tag name than , since it's a more unambiguous description of the thing it's referring to.

We can rename the to and synonymize to .

Or, if folks prefer, we can just synonymize to .

Or, we can just do nothing :)

Any thoughts?


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I believe is a better tag name than . The main reason is what you say: it is less ambiguous. But there is another, minor reason.

will be easier to find and, for users who are less familiar with meta, easier to apply. This is because its name contains both "review" and "audits". When askers are typing into the tag box on their posts, or searching for tags at https://meta.askubuntu.com/tags, will come up when they (start to) type "review" as well as when they (start to) type "audits".

In contrast, does not come up, in either place, when one types "review" -- nor even when one types "review-audits", which perhaps explains how the tag came into existence even though we already had . This is to say that the system matches the entirety of what we type into the tag box or tag search against any part of any existing tag name.

The reason I say this is a minor reason is that having either tag as a synonym of the other should be sufficient to guide people to the main.


I guess I was the first one to use the tag. (https://meta.askubuntu.com/revisions/19292/1)

The reason why I used the tag was because the Meta Stack Exchange has a tag named (https://meta.stackexchange.com/tags/review-audits/info). Also, I didn't know that there's a tag named .

One more thing to note is that in the Meta Stack Exchange review audits FAQ, it's clearly mentioned that these are called review audits, not just 'audits'. So using the name 'review audits', instead of 'audits', will make things simpler for a new user on Ask Ubuntu.

I suggest you to rename the to and synonymize to .

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