Tonight I voted to close my own question as a duplicate when I could have deleted both my zero voted question and self answer.

The reason I did this was because my question title: Why does `journalctl --list-boots` only show the current boot? was substantially different than the duplicate target: How to find previous boot log after Ubuntu 16.04 restarts?

Was it ok to vote to close my own question rather than deleting it?

I think I was using "signpost quantum theory of Zanna"--or something like that :)

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You did exactly the right thing

The whole network follows Zanna's opinion by now, see Why are some questions marked as duplicate?:

There are many ways to ask the same question, and a user might not be able to find the answer if they're asking it a different way. (…)
Some duplicate questions may eventually be deleted, but often they are left as a signpost pointing people towards the canonical answer to that question.

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    An actual benefit of closing rather than deleting is (AFAIK) that a closed post will not count towards a question ban. More people should close their questions rather than remove them.
    – Mark Kirby
    Commented Feb 21, 2018 at 22:00

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