Related: How do I disable the boot splash screen, and only show kernel and boot text instead?

Okay, so this was marked as a duplicate, apparently, but I only noticed this now. Is the marked duplicate the same as what I was asking? I was asking at the time how to disable the boot splash screen in order to see kernel output during boot. I did not ask how to disable X loading automatically, because I want to see the kernel output during boot then continue to load X and GNOME/Unity.

I'm thinking this is wrongly marked as a duplicate because the "duplicate" is asking how to disable GUI boot altogether, which is not what my question was asking.

I'd like that reopened rather than left marked as a dupe. Besides, it already has a good answer that answers the question and that answer has a +20 vote on it.

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This has now been resolved, and the question has been reopened. Thank you to those who cast reopen votes to undo the dupe marking on my question.

And thanks to Seth for modifying the tags on my question to remove version specific tags.

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    My bad! Glad you got it sorted quickly. Aug 10, 2013 at 10:17

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