This is a question about this website. What is the script that runs AskUbuntu questions, answers, rating, tagging, and search? Is it custom programmed or derived from an open source? It must be on of the best I have ever run across! :) Brendon

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Proprietary, closed source and runs on ASP.NET and Windows Server. Not exactly the most Ubuntu-thing in the world but it's just a platform. It's from the same people that started the programmer-support site StackOverflow.com.

The real jewels here are our users.


Ask Ubuntu runs on the Stack Exchange software. It's a bunch of proprietary software to run many Question and Answer sites, beginning with Stack Overflow. Users can create new sites at Area 51.

You can't get the software for yourself. But there are similar implementations, such as

Which is, at least in the way it looks, very similar to the Stack Exchange software.

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    osqa.net is also a pretty good option. Jul 9, 2012 at 1:54
  • Emerson is right - OSQA is the best SE-clone at the moment. Oct 13, 2012 at 6:48

It's closed-source. The company behind is is StackExchange, see the bottom of this page.

The software runs on a MS server.

The idea is not unique though, there are other Q&A sites like this one, some of them are open-source, others not. Some even ask for money like experts-exchange.

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