There are two questions. Both have the same final problem. How to get them merged?

Also both the questions have a lot of too localized information that will need to be removed after the merge. What is the policy on that?

Do we edit the resulting merge question and remove unnecessary information?

Can't boot after deleting EFI boot- and Windows-partition

Accidentally deleted efi partition

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It seems like currently only mods are able to perform merges.

Read this and this for guidelines on requesting a merge:

To request a merge:

  1. Flag the question and select In need of moderator intervention and provide links to the questions you want merged with a good and succinct reason.
  2. Additionally mark the question as a duplicate.

PS: Sorry for asking this in the first place, should've searched the How To.

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    Forgot the question mark. I'll edit. Dec 7, 2015 at 1:48

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